Joe Frogger Cookies

February 2, 2015
Joe Frogger Cookies
Serves 3 - 4 dozen cookies
large bowl
rolling pin
baking sheets
Prep time
Cook Time

The legend goes that this cookie, which was originally made with molasses and rum, came from a man named Joe Brown from Marblehead, Massachusetts. He was a free African American who owned a tavern in town with his wife, Lucretia. It’s said that Joe would use the cookies to trade for rum from sailors who came to town.

Listen to our podcast to hear the story about the origins of Joe Frogger Cookies.

Classic Beef Stroganoff

January 19, 2015
beef stroganoff
Serves 6 People

Nowadays, Beef Stroganoff seems pretty pedestrian – I mean – it’s just a beef and mushroom stew served over wide egg noodles, right? But when you put all these simple ingredients together the correct way, it’s a luscious meal, perfect for any occasion.

Listen to our podcast to find out my tips to make the perfect Beef Stroganoff every time and to hear the story of the origins of Beef Stroganoff and find out why this simple stew has become so popular.